Did you know that you can turn an email with a tracking number into an email with a tracking link?

Here's how it works: Forward an email that has one or more tracking numbers to us at track@ups-yours.com. In a moment or so you'll receive from us an email with the tracking link. It's as simple as that. And it's free.

Example: When you get an email with a tracking number in it, but it lacks the actual link to track your package, just click the 'Forward' or 'FWD' button in your email program or service and enter track@ups-yours.com in the 'To' box, then click the 'Send' button. It's easy and quick!

Better still, save this email address so you can select it from the send list in your email account whenever you need it. (Works with most major package delivery companies and the U.S. Postal Service.)

Two more ways to use this website:

Enter a tracking number into the box above to get a short, easy-to-handle tracking link.

Or enter the 6-8 letters after the "/" mark in the short tracking link to be taken right to the tracking page. Imagine, from now on you can relay tracking information to someone in a much easier way, with as few as 6 or 7 characters, instead of as many as 25.

Remember to bookmark this page for quick access. And remember to visit www.Dashworks.com for more great things.